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Gianmaria desires a civil relationship with Soleil

In the garden , Jianmaria NS SoleilThey try to get to a point that can prove their friendship without drama or arguments.
The young boy is once again trying to make the relationship with the fashion blogger work, even at least, because they find themselves in an experience like that of Big Brother who sees them, inevitably, living together under the same roof and, showing that he is no longer interested in her from a certain point of view, is He shares some thoughts he has about Sophie.
“I want to see the good in this person, to respect my ideas and principles. But, on the other hand, I want a good relationship with you, because you are two completely separate things”.

“I can continue to be nice and polite, but I have my idea of ​​her as well as of you. You know that on my part there is an openness to having a good relationship. Between us has never been such a heavy thing that can no longer make a person love you”, frankly, Sulli replies to Gianmaria.
The boy indicates some dissatisfaction with Nicolas and Mirjana’s dinner in the Love Boat because it was before them that he had asked in order to organize a surprise for Sophie and spend an evening alone.

Sully, speaking honestly and thinking that, in fact, it made more sense to have a moment of intimacy like that for them compared to him and Sophie, and because of his inability to hear more of this flirtation, he expresses himself by saying:
“It just didn’t make sense to them, they looked like two desperate people looking for a love story”.

The two boys, more and more mysterious but intriguing, in seeing them bent on wanting to maintain a relationship, will they be able to live for a while in this seeming calm or will we soon see them again against each other?

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