Postepay will cost more: to whom the increases will run

Poste Italiane is poised to increase annual fee costs envisaged for holders of Postepay evolution. A change was already made starting last January 1, when the amount due, but only for applicants for the new prepaid card, increased from 12 to 15 euros.

These aren’t the only increases the company has made, since the cost of the package has also gone up Postepay Connect, which allows you to link your Postepay Evolution to your PosteItaliane (Poste Mobile) SIM card at affordable rates. It is true that the number of gigabytes envisioned in the offer is increasing, but at the same time the costs of all promotions associated with Postepay Connect, for example “200 Back” or “12 months” will increase.

the benefits

Postepay Evolution Prepaid is the alternative equipped with Eban From the famous Poste Italiane card, which gives its holders the possibility to credit their salary or pension to their account and send and receive Sepa transfers, as well as pay using contactless technology. Being linked to an account, this prepaid card allows you to settle utilities and pay postal bills, which can also be paid in simple form. Postepay Evolution also allows you to withdraw cash for free from all branches of the Poste Italiane Circle or Postamat throughout Italy, as well as make payments worldwide, online and through the Circle Master Card Credit Card. Manage your money easily through the Bancoposta app or the Postepay app.

What will change

Thus, as expected, the annual costs envisaged for Postepay Evolution holders have actually changed since January 1st. But who are the users who will be affected by the new increases?

Let’s start by saying that this is an increase of 3 euros per year, given that we will go from the usual 12 euros to 15 euros every 12 months. However, this novelty will not affect those who already have Postepay Evolution: for those directly interested, the annual fee already set at 12 euros will remain unchanged. Instead, a €3 increase is expected for all new orders: anyone who wants to activate a prepaid card with Poste Italiane’s Iban from scratch will have to pay a fee of €15 per year. However, the cost of the first activation remains unchanged: you will continue to pay €5, which will add up to €15 of Minimum recharge Expected. On the other hand, the annual payment of 15 euros for management costs will be collected at the end of the first year.

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