PostePay is temporarily disabled: What happens

PostePay, a spam that scares Poste Italiane customers. what happens.

PostePay customers are again on the horizon. The network is not a safe place if you don’t know how to do it.

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The Italian savings They are the preferred target of cybercriminals. They periodically invent new scams to try to trick unsuspecting victims into providing sensitive data in order to gain access to accounts. Attention, as has also been repeated many times by the Postal Police, To emails or text messages that ask you to click on the link To enter information such as credentials and PIN. Never go in that direction or you will fall into a trap specially built by the bad guys. In addition to bank and postal checking accounts, deception can be hidden behind one of them PostePay, The prepaid card that many Italians use for online payments.

PostePay, scam in progress

PostePay is increasingly used by web scammers as a method defrauding citizens. It will be for the proliferation of the prepaid card, and it will be for the sake of ease of work, Poste Italiane customers are among the preferred victims of cybercriminals. Not only large credit institutions – we cite Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo – but a well-known company must also pay close attention and inform citizens about the scams that exist, so Like doing an ATM scam.

For the latest scam, the reference is on arrival from sms Who will report its deceptive content a alleged mass From the account associated with PostePay. The connection seems to come from Poste Italiane and reads like this”Dear customer, we inform you that access to your PostePay Poste Italiane account and its functionality is temporarily disabledThus, to restore the situation, cybercriminals will demand it Click on the link attached and follow the procedure described on the page that will open. Well, nothing written in the letter is correct. It’s something else Phishing attempt in progress And to check the trap, just log into your account from the official channels and check that the service is working.

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Well articulated trap

To try to convince the victims of the scam of the seriousness of the situation, the message is not limited to the few lines mentioned above but rather continues. long text Explain the procedure. It will be necessary to ignore every word, delete the text message and report the attempted fraud to the Postal Police. If you accidentally click on the link, you should exit the page immediately without entering any sensitive information. It is recommended permission Change password and username One of the platforms used especially for home banking. Any changes must be made by logging in for official channels For credit institutions and companies such as Poste Italiane.

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