Postepay, if you have this amount in your account, the “tax” will be activated

Some Postepay customers have found themselves paying tax taken directly from their account. This is what it is and when it clicks


There are already millions of Italians who depend on the services and cards issued by Italian Post For ease of use, low commission costs and simplicity Implementation available that greatly facilitate the required operations. However, many Postepay card holders note a “Abnormal” withdrawal at their expense.

Specifically, cardholders are affected by this tax Postepay evolutionthis is what is provided with IBAN code. This is not a Poste Italiane withdrawal error or a scam attempt but a Annual fee which you have to pay in a particular case.

Postepay, here is who has to pay the stamp duty

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The tax is known as Duty to stamp the periodic report It is paid by all customers who have a postcard with an IBAN code. stamp duty Required by law It is also mentioned in information sheet When the customer activates his card: Despite this, this fee is a real surprise for many customers.

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The stamp drawing states that a Annual payment and he equals 2 euros But only if the stock on your Postepay card equipped with IBAN (Evolution for example) is equal to or more than 5 thousand euros. Thus, all those who have at least 5 thousand euros on their card are obligated to pay the stamp duty It is automatically deducted of the card balance in the first days of January.

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Even those who have applied for the card have to pay the stamp duty A week before the end of the year And it has an amount on the card that is higher than the minimum balance. In the event that there are not enough funds on our card at the time of withdrawal to cover the amount due, the deduction will be made with the same result that we will find The negative balance of our card.

In the latter case, the amount due will be Reverse On the next recharge, when the balance becomes positive again. As mentioned earlier, stamp duty payment is not related to all Postepay cards but only those to which the IBAN code is associated. This means that everyone has Postepay standardor yellow, They will not have to pay tax.

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