Postepay bonus expires, who can claim it and how much is it worth

Cashback bonus expiration after payment: It is possible to take advantage of the incentive until December 31, 2022. This is an initiative of the Post Office that allows you to receive bonuses linked to the use of the Postepay card in affiliated stores. An incentive like the famous cashback from the state but in this case only for those who are Poste customers. Thanks to the bonus, it is possible to get up to 300 euros.

What is cashback after deferred payment?

Until December 31, 2022, you will receive 3 € cashback for every transaction of at least 10 € at points of sale participating in the initiative with Postepay code, up to a maximum of 10 € cashback per day.

Cashback after payment, how does it work

To get the code, you need to download or update the Postepay app or the BancoPosta app and link your Postepay prepaid and debit cards. Then use the Postepay app or the BancoPosta app to scan the QR code that is exposed or that will appear at points of sale that accept payments with the Postepay code. It will then be necessary to enter the amount to be paid, if requested, and then authorize the payment in the application. You can pay with prepaid cards or debit cards.

Cashback after payment also at tobacco sellers

The promotion includes Postepay Code transactions at authorized LIS tobacco sellers for the service, excluding bill payments. Transactions with the Postepay code at post offices are excluded from the promotion

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