PosteMobile, as of June 16 moves to the Vodafone network: what is changing for customers and what they are doing

Big news coming for customers PosteMobile. PosteMobile is your mobile and fixed line service Postpaid. The services offered are available to both individual and corporate clients and benefit from a commercial network of nearly 14,000 post offices and keypoints.

PostePay is a wholly owned subsidiary of Poste Italiane Group born on October 1, 2018, at the conclusion of the authorization process that transformed PosteMobile into the main Electronic Money Institute (IMEL) in Italy, combining activities and skills in the field of payments and communications.

How PosteMobile works

PostePay, which integrates electronic money and payment systems with the PosteMobile family of communications services, acts as an intermediary and provides services to consumers, businesses and public administration. Depends on the assets of 13.8 million customers, 4 million SIM cards from PosteMobile, 26 million payment cards, 19 million of which are prepaid, more than 19 million applications have been downloaded, 2.5 million digital wallets have been activated, 16.6 million customers are registered on

PosteMobile operator, launched on November 26, 2007 on the Vodafone network as a virtual ESP type mobile operator, then becoming, as of July 16, 2014, a full-fledged MVNO, on the Wind network, since 2018 also providing fixed line and Internet services. The Ministry of Economic Development has commissioned the operator PosteMobile 5 decades of prefix 371: 371-1, 371-3, 371-4, 371-5, 371-6.

PosteMobile, moving to the Vodafone network: when and how it happens يحدث

From today, PosteMobile has changed the access network. The PosteMobile line from Wind network to Vodafone It will happen in a simple and automatic way, Without replacing the chip and without changes in economic conditions from your offer. Network change begins Wednesday 16 June This will happen gradually.

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According to the specialized website MVNO News, at the moment The first migrations will only relate to the SIM card dati, which is PosteMobile Casa Internet, PosteMobile Casa Web, the first SIM cards for fiber width, Internet key etc. We will follow through the week at a rate of about 20 thousand passes per night, then pass in blocks of 100 thousand.

This is the message that will reach all customers:

We take a new step to offer customers affordable offers with the usual quality: we inform you that we are changing mobile networks! Your PosteMobile line will be passed quickly and easily within 48 hours. Economic conditions of supply remain unchanged. If you notice a temporary interruption in surfing the Internet, simply turn off the device and turn it on again. Transparency, convenience and simplicity. information.

The transition to the new network is Free It does not involve any change in cost. Thus the economic conditions of its presentation will not be subject to any changes.

PosteMobile, what to do in the event of an Internet outage

If you are already a PosteMobile customer, it will automatically switch to the new network. If you must notice a fileInternet browsing interruptionRest assured, it’s temporary: in this case Simply turn it off and on again The device to enable services on the new network. All customers will receive an informative SMS 48 hours prior to transferring their line to the new network.

If you have a fixed telephone offer from PosteMobile Casa Web or PosteMobile Casa Internet, you will receive an email at the address provided when you subscribe to the offer near the transition to the new network. Also in this case, when the change occurs, there may be a temporary interruption in Internet browsing: and even here it will be enough to turn off the modem and turn it on to continue browsing with PosteMobile.

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PosteMobile Speed ​​and Connectivity

For PosteMobile mobile offers it is possible Browse the Internet with 4G + with a maximum connection speed of 300Mbps. To surf the Internet in 4G +, you must have one 4G smartphone and be in an area with 4G coverage + PosteMobile SIM. The maximum connection speed in 4G is 150Mbps.

However, the connection speed depends on the degree of network congestion, area coverage, the device used, the operating system and browser used, the number of requests to the visited web page and the characteristics of the server on which the page is hosted.

If you activate mobile offer and you are browsing on 3G with a SIM card that has not yet switched to the new network, the maximum connection speed is 42 Mbps.

PosteMobile, what is changing for those who still have a 3G smartphone

Poste specifies that in order to promote a better experience with new generation services, phone operators are gradually replacing the 3G network with the 4G network. 3G-connected devices, and therefore not 4G-enabled, will be able to continue making calls and sending SMS, but may have some interruptions related to web browsing.

To take advantage of the capabilities of the 4G network for surfing the Internet, it will be possible to use a PosteMobile SIM card with a 4G-enabled device.

Disabling 3G technology will not allow the implementation of the video telephony service on the new network for incoming and outgoing calls from UMTS videophones.. You may continue to make video calls using the data traffic included in your tariff offer, if applicable, through applications that allow this service.

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PosteMobile, what changes if you’re abroad

Moving to the new network does not include You cannot take any action when you are abroad. The SIM card will automatically connect to the foreign operator’s network so that you can continue to use all telephony services.

However, at present Voice, SMS and data will not be available in Iraq, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Poste states that there will be new updates as soon as the service is available again.

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