Poste Italiane invites you to be careful

A new scam, if possible To sayBecause in the end, some tricks are repeated over the years, which is what defines modern times. hard times, ComplexSocially and economically a Wave From an epidemic that has actually changed all of our habits in life for more than a year. At times DoubtsAnd the crooks who navigate their technology, involve More and more citizens are in shady games where there is everything to lose.

In this new FraudIndirectly influenced, Poste Italiane, which immediately took a stand on this issue, asked for the maximum Attention For all citizens and customers, remember that in any case it is not it is necessary Providing sensitive data when performing certain operations, and that some sensitive data will never come wanted To complete a transaction or other Operation With third-party sellers. The product in question is the money order. Fraud travels through this dynamic.

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Here’s the money order scam: What happens to the unintended victim?

Yes fraud Develop Simply. You have contact with a fake seller, who promises to sell any service and Asked Pay for this service by postal order. To this Point He will be asked to send him a copy of the postal order as evidence of providing the address. At this point he will have all Indications Money order reproduction tools postal With your data, obtained from the photo sent, then proceed with the payment request on Institute Credit, fraud is, in fact, the victim that will never be her in They change There is no service from the alleged seller.

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Italian Post, Recommend So don’t fall into the trap of sending pictures and anything else that has never been thought of Systems And so on. Even the extremes of the alarm to Citizens Ed Watch out for fraudstersThese days, techniques and methods of intervention are being refined more and more.

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