Poste Delivery Web, here’s your parcel delivery service in just 90 minutes

Parcel delivery with Poste Italiane has never been so fast. So let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

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Also thanks to the impact of Covid, in the last period we had to change many of our habits, due to the various restrictions aimed at countering its spread. A clear example of this is social distancing, which has contributed to the increased use of variety on a large scale Online services.

This is exactly what suits him in this context Poste Delivery Web “instant”, which allows you to charge quickly and easily, all with just a few clicks. How is that possible? So let’s get into the details and see what can be known about it and above all how to use this service.

Poste Italiane, parcel delivery has never been so fast: the new service starts from Rome

he is called Poste Delivery Web “instant”Poste Italiane, the new delivery service that allows you to make urgent shipments within your city quickly and easily. It is enough to book through the Poste Italiane website and in a few clicks order the receipt of the parcel at your home, with its address in a few hours.

Going into the details you need to know it is possible to choose one of the following delivery methods:

  • immediately: collection and delivery of the package within 90 minutes of booking;
  • Today: receipt and delivery of the parcel on the same day;
  • tomorrow: Next day pickup and delivery.

The service is active every day, including holidays, and deliveries can also be made in the evening, until 11 pm. As mentioned earlier, to reserve this service, you must submit a specific request through Poste Italiane official website. In addition, this service will soon be available through the “Post Office” application. If all this is not enough, there is a possibility to observe The status of the shipment, from departure to arrival at the destination, thanks to free updates via email or SMS.

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At the moment, the new service is active in Rome, but in the course of 2022, these new express delivery routes will also be expanded to other major cities in our country. Undoubtedly important service, which allows delivery packet Unprecedented speed.

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