Postamat, a disastrous annoyance for checking account holders: it is impossible to withdraw

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We’ve talked time and time again about how we’ve seen a major shift in the payments system.

In fact, if until a few years ago the use of cash was the absolute method of payment of choice, today it has been immediately replaced by electronic payment systems, led respectively by credit and debit cards, clearly linked to the checking account.

This has also been favored by the introduction of NFC chips in the latest generation of smartphones, which allow you to pay easily and instantly, without necessarily swiping your credit or debit card.

Based on this ongoing transformation, we know very well how we have seen the gradual but gradual decline of ATMs across Italy, a trend that certainly shows no signs of abating. Despite this gradual decline, there are still many people who withdraw cash, perhaps from the counter postsamat to Italian Postusing your reloadable card post payment.

We can undoubtedly see how Postepay is one of Poste Italiane’s most successful products, so much so that it allowed the creation of a truly independent company, Postepay SpA, whose ultimate goal was to directly manage all its products and services. There is no doubt that the Postata system is very convenient to withdraw money quickly and easily, but like all things it is certainly not without problems.

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Many users, over time, have noticed that at some hours it is not possible to withdraw money from the Postamat counter: let’s figure out why together.

This will be especially the night hours, those when withdrawing cash from your Postepay becomes difficult. This is obviously due to the telematics system (and associated technology) upon which the Postepay system relies, which is subject to maintenance and updates at certain times of the day, preventing normal operations during these (brief) moments of withdrawals, deposits, etc. .

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Postamat Office – Technology Passion

At these moments it is virtually impossible to access, for example, the official Postepay website, as well as withdraw cash from any Postamat office. Fortunately, the range of hours that Postepay’s remote service undergoes regular maintenance falls in the middle of the night, preferably between 2 and 4 am, and generally does not affect any of our operations during the day.

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