Post office coup on June 21 Goodbye your savings

Poste Italiane is taking steps to get a hold of all those brochures that have not been moved for at least 10 years: the deadline for their preservation is next June 21

Poste Italiane has taken steps to warn some customers that by June 21 they will have paid their postal books.

This procedure will be performed on the so-called “in a deep sleep”, or those brochures with amounts equal to or more than 100 euros which have not been transferred by the holder for 10 years or more. In the list there are also policies and checks. However, those brochures that are in the midst of operational measures that prevent the displacement of amounts inside do not enter Within the stagnant brochures.The disruption has already started since last March and if the owner does not respond to contact inside 180 days The ledger will automatically expire.

Poste, how not to lose brochures

At post offices, a provincial list of all idle brochures is available as of March 31. Card holders must give instructions at any post office and allow their brochure to be registered by October 20. It should be noted that the funds in the brochure can still be claimed at any time. However, at the moment, the exact method is not yet clear.

It is possible that though Italian Post He sent the warning, for whatever reason not many people received it. That is why it is useful to inform the citizens of this judgment, and it is better that they check their books, especially those of older relatives who may not have used them for some time.

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