Post-E3 2021 event date and time, new information coming –

The Pokémon Company announced the game Happening after E3 2021 dedicated to pokemon uniteMOBA is coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices (iOS and Android). also noted date and time: 15:00 (Italian time) Tomorrow, June 17, 2021. So we can expect new information about the game.

At the moment, we don’t know what will be shown on Pokémon Unite, but our hope, of course, is that it will be one Exit date. According to the official Twitter account, this is an “important announcement”: that’s all that has been indicated.

pokemon unite
pokemon unite

pokemon unite Announced June 2020. In the game, two teams of five Pokémon must collide. There are five different areas to score on each side of the map and points are earned by catching wild Pokemon on the ground. The goal is to get more points than the other team in the allotted time. It will be possible to raise the level of the Pokémon we control and also make it evolve, as well as teach it new moves.

A closed beta was launched last March, with the Android version of Pokèmon Unite. We also remind you that this is not the only Pokemon game in development. Pokémon Shining Diamond, Shining Pearl are also coming – and here’s the official release date – and Pokémon Arceus Legends, which you can read our preview.

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