Pos, what happened to the commission cut? What happens now to payments and fines

What happened toCancellation of commissions to Payments with points of sale? By March 31, according to the provisions of the Budget Law, an agreement was to be reached on zero commissions for merchants in the event of Card purchases and discount cards Less than 10 euros. In addition, commissions for payments of less than 30 euros have been reduced.

The term, therefore, is practical Expired. The schedule at the Ministry of the Economy, created in early March, has not yet led to a solution and it is possible, as Il Sole 24 Ore shows, that the times are still long. Mef continues to work on the agreement, past a deadline that is now virtually impossible to reach.

For now, the strategy is to keep going Bilateral communication To try to impress every worker and reach an understanding with everyone. In addition, there is a case Penaltieswhich should start from the first of April with an extension Exceptional contribution for banks and managers. What happens and how will Safair POS commissions end?

Pos, does the extraordinary contribution start with commissions?

In case No agreement on zero commissionsthe maneuver made to introduce a extraordinary contribution Paid by payment service providers and circuit managers: we are talking about the value of 50% of the commission earnings generated from Transactions of less than 30 euros.

The contribution must have been turned on From the first of April In case of disagreement with the government to reduce or cancel the committees. But for now, it appears that the sanctions will not be applied. There will be no taxes either because at the moment there are no automatic systems capable of identifying subjects with whom transactions with a value of less than 30 euros have gone through. It is also not possible to understand how many were made: one would be needed Control system does not currently exist.

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pos, how to reach an agreement

Agreement may eventually come on a voluntary basis. Also because, otherwise, there is a risk that the general understanding does not respect the principles of competition. Not surprisingly, ABI (Association of Italian Banks) has already requestedAntitrust prior opinion on this matter.

But the main problem concerns me international circles Such as Bancomat, Mastercard and Visa. Who does not want to apply different conditions in Italy compared to other countries. Moreover, they know they can appeal to European antitrust law.

So Mef continues to seek an agreement, even if it seems far away. Without an agreement, even the retroactive application of sanctions cannot be ruled out, going – with tools that do not yet exist – to consider transactions from April 1st. In any case, it should be emphasized that agreement is not impossible: let’s think about it already many banks and managers today They don’t charge commissions For payments of less than 5 or 10 euros. The government, however, is still hoping for access Reset for all.

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