POS, stop commissions? What can change for card and debit card payments

the POS stayed duty For all payments, regardless of the amount. Meloni government’s attempt to eliminate Fines for traders and professionals That do not respect this obligation has failed, after the intervention of the European Commission.

with the budget law The executive first tried to make the obligation for payments below €30 disappear, and then decided to increase that limit to €60. Eventually the government came back and fines remained – from €30 plus 4% of the rejected transaction – for those who refused. Card payments and debit cardswhatever its worth.

In any case, a commitment was built into the Budget Act to reach it Reducing fees for electronic payments. The point is that losers are not traders and professionals and that is why they will be held in the next few days Table to try Elimination of commissions on small paymentsWhat will change for mandatory jobs?

Compulsory job, what will happen in 2023

The 2023 Budget Act set a deadline: within 60 days of its entry into force, and thus by March 1, a By decision of the Ministry of Economy To open a discussion table between the concerned groups, such as ABI and companies that provide electronic payment services.

The goal of the government is Mitigating the impact of transaction costs Less than 30 euros, limiting the impact on traders and professionals. As stated in the maneuver i Costs must be reduced or eliminated For those whose wages were below the €400,000 threshold in the previous year.

Pos, an extraordinary contribution of managers?

If the schedule does not reach the target set by the government, an alternative measure will be implemented – within the next month. Will come extraordinary contribution Operators and payment service providers must pay: This will be 50% of the profits earned from commissions and transaction proceeds of less than €30. This contribution will expire on Cost Reduction Fund To be customized for traders and professionals.

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How does the government want to eliminate fees on electronic payments

The Ministry of Economy has already launched the first Compare with operators In light of projected schedules for the next few weeks. The premise from which we start is that a Zero commissions for payments under €10, as Il Sole 24 Ore explains. This will be accompanied by one Flexible reduction under 30. In either case, it will be these measures that will be included on a one-year trial basis.

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