POS, here are the changes from June 30th: ‘Be very careful’

The term “POS” defines a general class of terminals used to make electronic payments, primarily through a payment card reading system, a process that can take place either by inserting the card into the device but also through the system contact Infrared is also used to conduct transactions directly from equipped phones appropriate sensor. Our country has been “clashing” for a long time now over the mandatory nature of POS for professionals, both merchants (shopkeepers who sell goods and services) but also categories such as craftsmen, doctors, architects and surveyors.

POS, here are the changes from June 30th: ‘Be very careful’

There’s been a lot of talk about a point-of-sale commitment for some time, which in fact “will” actually be active: the Bancomat Bonus, the discussed state cashback development that envisioned Conte II governmentallows, among other things, a series of concessions for each form of trader/professional, so as to make both the purchase of this station and in the face of paying commissions less “expensive”, in both cases through the facilities operating through the tax credit.

Although the commitment has already been demonstrated since last year, starting on June 30, 2022 (before the initial deadlines of January 1, 2023) penalties will be “activated” if the POS is not in place or operational. We speak in the plural because there are two fines.

The first is regarding refusal to pay via POS, which is a fine of 30 euroWhile the second is related to the consideration that is not paid digitally. This means that a merchant who refuses to pay by card will have to pay a 4% increase in the fine over the value of the sales of the service, with a fine of €30 plus 4% of the rejected payment. To give a working example, a default with POS of €100 will result in a €30 fine, plus 4% of the item cost (ie €4), for a total of €34 in fines.


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