POS, always do this before paying. “attention”

a POS or Payment terminal It is an electronic device that allows payments to be made using electronic money, or by using credit, debit or prepaid cards. The terminal is connected to the processing center of the bank or group of banks providing the service, so that the relevant debit is approved and implemented on the current account of the eligible entity and credited to the merchant’s account.

The creditor can be a commercial operator, a self-employed worker, a craftsman, a general management body, a service company, a company executor, or a farmer/breeder.

There are different types of POS:

  • POS fixed (self-contained), is tradition. This is a device that is connected via a telephone line to the service center.
  • Existing wireless or PocketPos It is a fixed point of sale where the functional unit is detachable from the base unit, to allow portability within a few tens of metres. It can be connected to bluetooth or wifi.
  • The POS GSM / GPRS Primarily used by operators who need mobility such as taxi drivers, street vendors, home sellers and craftsmen who work for the customer.
  • who – which cell phone Which connects via bluetooth to a smartphone through an app.
  • Finally, we have a file virtual which manages online payments through a dedicated web page.

POS, always do this before paying. “attention”

Beware of point-of-sale scams though. In fact, some frauds occur specifically with those without wires. Just go into the victim’s pocket and since you don’t need the code for a tiny amount, you can make a translation and steal the money.

When you pay using the point of sale in the store, you have to pay attention to the amount that you write. You should also pay attention to the transaction whether it occurred or not. In any case, it is always advisable to get a receipt, even if the payment is not successful, so as to have proof in case of problems.

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