Porto Champions Final: There will be the crowd

The competition was originally scheduled to be held at Istanbul’s Ataturk Olympic Stadium. After the UK’s decision to include Turkey in the Red List of Covid destinations, UEFA then decided to change the venue of the final match and go to Oporto. The first positive news is that the audience will be present in the stands. The match will take place on May 29 at 21:00, with Manchester City and Chelsea competing against each other.

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Porto Champions Final: How many fans will be able to attend?

On May 29, 2021, Manchester City and Chelsea will compete at Stade de Dragao in Porto. Sources say that there will be around 6000 fans. UEFA said in a statement: “The stadium capacity for the match will be determined and confirmed in a timely manner in cooperation with the Portuguese authorities and the FPF. However, fans of the competing teams will be able to purchase tickets through the clubs in the usual way, with 6000 club tickets sold as soon as possible.” Possible as of today Ticket sales agreements to the public will begin on May 24, 2021 at 14:00 The number of fans of each team who can participate is the same as expected in Istanbul.

UEFA Statement

“The Champions League Final is moving to Portugal to allow the participation of 6,000 fans from each team,” says Ufa. The final was originally scheduled to be held at Istanbul’s Ataturk Olympic Stadium, but after the UK government’s decision to include Turkey on the red list of a Covid-19 travel destination, the organization of the final meant that none of the club’s fans could travel to see a challenge.

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After a year in which fans were closed from stadiums, UEFA believed it was imperative to do everything to ensure the fans of the two finalists were involved. Moreover, UEFA discussed moving the match to England, but despite the strenuous efforts of the Football Association and the authorities, it was not possible to obtain the necessary exemptions from the quarantine agreements in the United Kingdom.

Porto Champions Final: Reasons for the venue change

Finally, UEFA announces: “The Portuguese authorities and the FPF have intervened and cooperated quickly and smoothly with UEFA to provide a suitable venue for the Final, and since Portugal is a destination on the Green List of England, the fans and players participating in the Final will not have to enter quarantine when Return home.

The decision did not come without great regret for the work done by the Turkish soccer authorities over the past two years to ensure the success of the final match in Istanbul. UEFA also expresses its gratitude for their continuous cooperation and spirit of cooperation, as well as the understanding they have shown in this particular circumstance, and will urgently discuss future opportunities for Istanbul.

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