Pope Francis’s fashion-forward wearing spread. Midjourney’s latest AI success – photos

No sooner had social media fully recovered from the images — as stunning as they were fake — of Donald Trump’s arrest, and attention had already turned to a new topic of discussion: luxury coats by Pope Francis. Even in this case, there is a grain of truth. Or rather: there is none at all. Images of the Pope wrapped in a long winter jacket are nothing more than an innovation Medjourney, which is an artificial intelligence based image generator. As in all previous cases, the images of Pope Francis also misled many Twitter users, who mistook them for real. “I thought the pope’s quilt was real, and I didn’t think twice. I don’t understand how I’m going to live in the future of technology,” jokes American model Chrissy Teigen. Twitter. Pictures of the pope’s “parade” on the streets of Rome vary. Some even picture Pope Francis with a pair of completely white Air Max. And in the wake of the rapid spread, the photos ended up directly in the hands of the pages of memes – Italian and international – who immediately mocked the new look of the Pope.

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