Pope Francis said he will for the first time appoint two women into the bishops’ religion, the body that selects the Catholic Church’s new bishops.

In an interview with ReutersPope Francesco He said Who will appoint two women in the diarist of bishops, a member of the Roman curia takes care Appointment and selection criteria for new bishops of the Catholic Church in the world. The declaration is not yet official and it is not known which women will be appointed or when they will take office: nevertheless it is very significant because it comes directly from Pope Francis, and this will be the first time in the history of the Vatican that decision-making power has been given to women in the appointment of bishops (and they are all men).

The bishops’ religion recently changed its name as part of a new constitution that came into force on June 5, The healthiest evangelium, who reformed the Roman Curia (the administrative body that governs the Catholic Church). However, it is an institution that has existed under various forms and names since 1588, and has always been made up of men.

The new constitution The healthiest evangelium All baptized people were allowed to assume governmental roles in the Roman curia, even ordinary men and women: previously they were entrusted only to the clergy. This means that the women who will eventually be elected to the bishops’ circle can also be laymen. to me Reuters Pope Francis has said he generally wants to increase the importance of women in prominent roles in the church hierarchy, and noted that last year he appointed for the first time a woman, Sister Raffaella Petrini, as general secretary of the city prefecture. The Vatican, ie the second most prominent position in the state government.

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