Pope Francis: Reducing meat consumption. Message to youth

Pope Francis once again becomes the spokesman for a environmental protection message And he does it with Message to European Youth Conferencewhich was held in Prague in recent days, in which he also spokeThe importance of a more sustainable diet for the world’s future. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of not only fossil fuels but also many unnecessary things; as well as in certain regions of the world, It is recommended to eat less meat: This too can contribute to saving the environment, as the Holy Father wrote, thus emphasizing the consequences Intensive farming on global warming.

Inspiration in the public message Laudato si’

Then the Pope continues in the letter: In this regard, it would be useful for you – if you have not already done so – to read Laudato si’ general letterwhere believers and non-believers find good reasons to stick to one integrated environment. Referring to the 2015 General Letter, in which the Supreme Pontiff addressed issues such as Climate change, water shortage, biodiversity loss Which contains very clear words at once respect for animals. It goes against human dignity to make animals suffer unnecessarily and indiscriminately to get rid of their lives, as the Pope writes for example in one of the key passages of what is considered his most important script, for which it is also named Public figure of the people for the ethical treatment of animals (beta). On the other hand, Pope Francis brings a good example to the table: Lead a very light and simple dietAnd with plenty of fruit and vegetables, lean proteins come mainly from legumes, fresh cheeses, and just once a week from fish or white meat.

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