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Pope Francis has confirmed the Apostolic Visit, scheduled for the end of April, to Hungary. “Within two weeks, God willing, I will leave to perform the forty-first pilgrimage to visit Hungary,” the pontiff said upon receiving the managers and employees of ETA Airlines. But not only. The pope is also expected to make future trips because “there will be Marseilles and Mongolia and all the things that are on the waiting list.”

In short, Bergoglio prepares to leave again with a black bag on the “Pope’s Wings”. It is another sign of the restoration of health of the Argentine Pontiff who, once again, demonstrates that he wants all his obligations to be respected. And also because the book is important “to confirm brothers and sisters in the faith, to be close to those in pain, and to help those who are committed to peace.”

Speaking of commitments, during the audience the Pope recalled the 104 voyages of John Paul II. Even Wojtyla never stopped, despite his health conditions, to the point where he became the “Papa of Travel”. Trips, in some cases, that have gone down in history, such as the trip to Cuba in 1998 or the trip to the “Wailing Wall” in 2000, without forgetting the World Youth Days. Journeys are able to transform themselves into “informational events” and are able to influence language. John Paul II went everywhere, reaching remote corners of the earth and that is why he is defined as a ‘universal’ faith: 104 journeys, many people visited. However, John Paul II failed to land in China. Who knows if among the things on Pope Francis’ waiting list there is also the idea of ​​a trip to Beijing. Francis, as we know, is the Pope of Surprises.

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