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Emerges the exciting confrontation between the United States and Germany Kylie Humphries Who graduate World bobsleigh champion at the 2021 World Championships in Altenburg (Germany). The Calgary national, who has competed for the US national team since 2019, won a title Fourth world title From his remarkable career, after the successes of Lake Placid 2012, Sankt Moritz 2013 and Altenberg 2020. In general, this is his eleventh medal at the World Championships (the first time he returned in 2008, always in the bowels of Saxony) confirms the extent of Howie.

After the first offspring disputed yesterday, the German Kim Kaliki scored the best time in third place with a time of 57.40 seconds, Fetching only 29 cents from Kylie Humphries Which closes at 57.45 for 2: 50.39 overall. Third place for Laura Nolte At 57.95 to 93 cents from the top, then in fourth place Stephanie Schneider At 57.44, at 1.08, while the US is the fifth Ilana Myers-Taylor At 58.11 at 1.49, ahead Mariyama Jamanka, The sixth at 1.58 with the third heat at 57.96. Seventh place Andreaa Grecu at 1.66 (58.05) while Katrin Beierl remained eighth at 1.69 after 58.11, discouraged.

Critical Heat witnesses Kylie Humphreys leveling up again, printing an incredible 57.87 making it 3: 48.26 total, thus refining Kim Kaliki’s final attack who, with 57.93, Stop at 35 cents from the gold medal. On the other hand, fellow countryman wears bronze Laura Nolte At 1.01, with a fourth round of 57.95. Final fourth place for the last Teutons, Stephanie Schneider At 1.19 (57.98 in the latest drop), the US confirmed fifth Ilana Myers-Taylor At 1.88 (closing at 58.26). 6th place again German, Mariyama Jamanka At 2.03, the Austrian Crystal Ball is the seventh winner Catherine Pierle At 2.11, a match had never occurred in Altenburg. Roman VIII Andrea Greco At 2.23, the ninth Canadian Cynthia Appiah In 2.51, while Switzerland completed the top ten Martina Fontanev A 2.59.

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