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At the beginning of June on the occasion of a trip to Lot in the heart of the French territory, Emmanuel Macron Between a conversation with the locals, he said, “Culture is abolished by drama.” In the latest issue of the Paris edition of the magazine He. She, the Élysée tenant repeated all the evil he thinks of in the new modernist ideologies coming from abroad, racism, decolonization, and artificiality, at the base of the “culture of abolition” which an eccentric would like to spread also in France. “I see society gradually becoming racist,” the French president said cautiously, pointing the finger at “intersecting logics that are causing cracks everywhere” and in every field.

ideological challenge – According to the intersection theory, which was launched by the black jurist in 1989 Kimberly Crenshaw E It has become dominant in American liberal universities in recent years, and various forms of inequality and discrimination have mixed with one another. African American women, argue adherents of intersectionality, notwithstanding that they are more likely to be discriminated against than white women. And if a woman is African American and transgender, she is more than that. The French radical left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the unconscious leader of France, but also part of the Socialist Party and the Greens, considers the intersectional thought of the Anglo-Saxon Matrix as the new intellectual compass that should guide the progressive world, including the French.

Macron, on the other hand, despite pressures from the left wing of his party, the Republic in Marche (L’Rim), She has no intention of succumbing to ideological perversion America: Because they oppose the values ​​of the Republic. “I am with the cosmic. I do not know myself in a battle that reduces each person to his identity or idiosyncrasy,” said Macron, rejecting the intersectional approach, one of the ideological totems of the movement. The Black Lives Matter movement is important. For the French head of state, contrary to what aficionados of “awakened” American ideology believe, “Social difficulties depend not only on gender and skin color, but also on social inequalities.”

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When a reporter from He. She It quoted to Macron the testimony of director and researcher for women’s rights, Amandine Gay, that being a black woman “has consequences in real life”, especially in the search for a job, to which the French president replied as follows: They offer you some white youth called Kevin who lives in Amiens or Saint Quentin, who, for various reasons, also find it difficult to find a job ». According to Macron, “difficulties build life”, but “it is not what distinguishes each of us.” The Elysée tenant insisted that the French model was the cosmic model that had nothing to do with American racism. “We freed ourselves from this approach and here it is People back to their race. Macron explained before adding: “You were not born a citizen, you became a citizen. What interests me most is the part that I have in common with others ».

dangerous culture – The hostility of the French government towards the ideology of “abolition of culture” and “awakening” was already expressed a few weeks ago by the Minister of Equal Opportunities, Elizabeth Moreno. Black and humble origins – a constructive father and a clean mother, both of Cape Verdean origin and illiterate – Moreno, in an interview with Bloomberg, he had declared that the culture of ‘vigilance’ is very dangerous and should not be imported into France.” Then, urging the interviewer, she added that “French cosmopolitanism is a philosophy that recognizes people as they are, not because they are women, LGBT or of a different race. A lesson in republican values ​​that even the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, recently conveyed to some of the Radical Left MPs assembled in the National Assembly, when he spoke in reference to the foray of “vigilante” ideology into the universities of “neo-McCarthy” and “intellectual police” Welcome in France.

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