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Police inform UK citizens about the issue of residence document required under “Brexit” agreements.

Police inform UK citizens

Police inform UK citizens about the issue of residence document required under “Brexit” agreements.

With the final exit of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union, the so-called “Brexit”, British citizens and their family members benefit from the rights recognized under the Withdrawal Agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom on February 1, 2020.

Indeed, this agreement provides for special protection for British citizens and their family members who exercised their rights to freedom of movement in the Italian state on December 31.

To this end, an ad hoc procedure has been prepared providing for the possibility of requesting the issuance of an electronic residence card at the police station for residency attesting to the new status of the beneficiary from the withdrawal agreement concluded between the parties.

Therefore, for interested parties, the possibility of submitting applications for the issuance of a residence document has opened, according to the guidelines already summarized in the prepared vademecum and published on the institutional website of the Ministry of Interior. .

To facilitate the obligations of the Britons in Rimini, relating to the issuance of the digital document, the appropriate email box, [email protected], has been activated at Rimini Police Headquarters, which allows you to make an appointment at the Immigration Office

It should be noted that the possession of a new residence document allows easy identification of the persons entitled to the benefits stipulated in the withdrawal agreement between the European Union and Great Britain.

Today the first practice of an English family residing in Rimini was introduced.

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The resident population in Italy from the UK, according to Istat data dating back to 2019, is more than 31,000 people out of a total of around 5.3 million foreigners.

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