Pokemon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl on Switch revealed during Pokémon Presents shows!

Coinciding with the Pokémon Presents event that traces the history of the series on its 25th anniversary, the leaders of The Pokemon Company have officially revealed Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake Per Nintendo Switch.

To take care of this important process, the update of two of the most beloved video games in the Pokemon series will be led by ILCA developers. Yuichi Ueda, In association with Game Freak (authors of Pokemon sword and shield) With a live “support” team Junichi Masuda. In Italy, the securities will be marketed under the name Pokemon Shining Diamond H Pokemon Shining Pearl.

The announcement for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake was accompanied by a video that showed clips of the gameplay and scenes used to animate the phases of the fight with aspiring, interpretable coaches.

Pokemon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl are scheduled to be released in Second half of 2021 at Exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Waiting to receive more information on content news, take a look at the revelation announcement and let us know what you think of the work ILCA has done to bring back two historic Pokemon episodes among Kyoto Home’s hybrid console users.

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