Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leak: Creatures of the Scarlet Book and Violet Book revealed

In the past few hours, part of pokemon scarlet and violet It was leaked on the web and Pictures Players can now see new monsters. Among the monsters, heroes of Pokemon leaks The scarlet book and the purple book, exclusively depending on your version of the game and the alternate skins of existing creatures. Most of these strange little monsters have been shown, and the latest Pokemon from the books may be revealed in the next few hours.

Attention: The article may contain pictures and spoilers about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, don’t go further if you want to avoid watching.

The first Pokemon from the Scarlet Book and Violet Book were shown during the latest trailer for the 9th generation games, which were first introduced Grandizanne and Solcoferreo, which appear to be alternate forms of Donphan. Other creatures will receive the same treatment as their own Pictures It was shared during the morning. Paldea Pokédex has expanded a bit more with these innovations, about which very little is known except for its physical appearance, thanks to leaks.

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