Pokémon Leak Scarlet and Violet: New Creatures and Final Evolution of the Pokémon Starter Comes Online

Today for Pokemon Scarlett and Violet had a day full of surprises, especially with the publication of new trailer Which allowed to discover new information about the game Raed Terracrystal And the Rewards is in the game (If they have data to save previous addresses). Well, the news doesn’t seem to stop coming to an end, as it was leaked online Several new pokemonincluding we also have the final evolution of FuikokuAnd the sprigateto And the extremist.

Attention: The information below may represent serious and heavy spoilers about new Pokemon games. Therefore, if you do not want to discover anything before the actual release of the game, we strongly recommend that you do not continue reading the article.

Among the various Pokémon leaking during these hours, there is first and foremost the ultimate Fuecoco evolution that will take on the name Skellig (It is a huge crocodile with red color and some of its parts white, and it also has a string of flames that sprout from the mouth.) Then they dropped out too Developments By Sprigatito, calls Floragato (the second Meowscada (the final form). Can’t miss the beautiful extremistwhich will evolve into Coxwell And the Quaquaval.

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