Pokémon HOME reveals descriptions of the Ripple Water and Ironleaf Pokédex

The long-awaited update of the Pokemon scarlet and violet from Pokemon Home Finally available after an unexpected delay. Coaches now have the opportunity to tick the boxes themselves Pokedex Virtual thanks to renewed compatibility, discover related descriptions Crispy water he’s at Ironleaf.

Pokemon Home

Compared to the lack of information drawn from a pair of 9th generation games, the app actually gives raw context to the two little monsters. carry your own Pokemon paradox Based on Suicune From scarlet and violet to home, one discovers the following description:

The search for this species is not over yet.

Pokemon Home

The full list of creatures that can be transferred to Pokemon HOME has already confirmed the presence of Acquecrespe and Fogliaferrea. Pokemon paradox is derived from Veration Provides a description not unlike the previous one:

Analyzes of this kind are not over yet.

We remind you that, to celebrate the latest update, players can receive exclusive samples of starter Pokémon for free in Pokémon HOME Baldia Equipped with their own capabilities.

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