Points of sale and credit cards, from June fines of 30 euros for those who do not accept them –

On the day the EU paid Italy the first payment of €21 billion for the NRR (which was added to the 24.9 billion advance received in August), the Cabinet approved a decree-law to promote the implementation of the same national recovery and resilience. Plan. The forty articles comprising the text also contain some financial measures, but fewer than those prepared by the technicians which only added to the tension of the majority. In the end, and with the aim of strengthening the fight against tax evasion, which is one of the goals of the National Tax Lobbying Program, sanctions continued to be advanced on those who do not use the POS and the portal to combat undeclared work. Instead, the rule that initially provided for the extension of the electronic invoice to all numbers of VAT subject to flat tax (up to 65 thousand euros in revenue) was weakened. According to rumors collected at the end of the Council of Ministers meeting, the League, together with the Minister of Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, obtained that the extension concerns only taxpayers whose revenue exceeds 25 thousand euros. Even the commitment of 110% of previous contacts to Enea on the Superbonus, more than a tightening as initially announced, in the draft entered into the Cabinet is nothing more than a measure to strengthen the energy efficiency monitoring system.

Fines and Locations

Article 15 of the draft stipulates that those who do not accept the advance from January 1, 2023 to June 30 this year for the entry into force of the double penalty (€30 plus 4% of the transaction value) will be charged. Payments with debit and credit cards. Confcommercio tried to oppose, with a harsh statement, yesterday morning: The spread of electronic payments must be pursued with reduced commissions and costs for consumers and businesses, not with sanctions. But in the end, the six months had passed. Now the battle moves to Parliament.

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Illegal work

The National Unannounced Portal was born, replacing and integrating the existing databases through which the Labor Inspectorate, INPS and Inail share the results of inspections. The goal: to reduce the undisclosed workspace and increase the recovery of evaded contributions.

Procedures of the Palestinian Authority

A large part of the provision is devoted to interventions in public administration. The goal is to strengthen and modernize the activity of public offices, through the recruitment and training of new employees. It is no coincidence that the Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, confirmed that the government’s goal is to bring the number of public servants back to 4 million in five years, compared to 3.2 million currently, and 5-lower the average age. She is 6 years old, and now more than 50. The first step in this direction is the article of the decree starting from July 1, which provides for access to public competitions through the InPa portal. All central departments will have to post their competition notices on the portal (a kind of Linkedin for accessing public administration posts). InPa enhancement envisages that the platform will serve as a portal for employee mobility actions within the public administration. The rule also states that departments should prepare a training course for new employees of a duration and intensity commensurate with the degree of responsibility, on issues of public morals and ethical behaviour. With regard to gender equality, public administrations have to strengthen their commitment to gender balance by adopting specific guidelines. Enhancement in terms of staffing and expected financial endowments for the National School of Administration. The decree also includes an appropriation of 60 million for Formez, which will have the task of making the procedures for hiring public servants more efficient, also in the context of NRP functions.

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3-I Spa was born

A comprehensive package of measures that, in short, should help and accelerate the NRP process. Just as in the case of the creation of 3-I Spa, a new company for the development, maintenance and management of software solutions and IT services for social security institutions of central public administrations. Pnrr and the company’s shareholders will expect it to be founded by Inps, Inail, and Istat. Another rule provides for the reorganization of the Italian Space Agency and the transfer of title powers directly to Palazzo Chigi. The decree also includes the rules for the south introduced by Minister Mara Carvagna. Starting with the promotion of special economic zones, the new resources of the tender winners to strengthen the assets confiscated from the mafia to cover operating expenses.

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