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merchants against

Confcommercio’s reaction continues: “The spread of electronic payments must be pursued – as stated in a note by the association – by making critical choices to reduce commissions and costs for consumers and businesses – starting with strengthening the credit instrument. Merchant-paid commissions – and providing so-called micro-payments free of charge. Targeting sanctions disproportionately does not help payment system modernizations.”

Lottery Receipts and Superbonus

Two other rules that the government aims at and that can create discontent in the majority where the contradictions are already strong on justice reform and, incidentally, on tax reform (the mandate is firm in Parliament), are: referral of all digital money transactions to the tax authorities and extension of the e-invoice to payers Taxes (self-employed and professionals) who fall within the flat tax of 15% (returns up to 65 thousand euros). To strengthen the fight against tax evasion on receipts, the goal is to make the receipt lottery more attractive by stipulating that winnings are immediate, that is, they occur at the time of purchase, rather than periodically.

As it will appear in the decree Base to further strengthen controls on the use of 110% Superbonus in building renovations, Defining Enea’s prior contact commitment. There was a summit this morning between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and centrist leaders on the tax side. Sources from Lega and Forza Italia speak of a “constructive atmosphere and great cooperation” to unlock the bill delegated in Parliament. Thus, it is possible that tensions will ease over the decree-law being prepared, but to make sure of this one must wait for the cabinet meeting.

Draghi’s words and next steps

“There will be no increases in housing taxes or extracts from land registry reform.” This is how the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, came to the center-right supporters of the majority, during the meeting at the Chigi Palace. Forza Italia coordinator Antonio Tajani confirmed that “technicians will meet to find a solution to be presented to the government and the center-right.” The government and the center-right will meet again in the Mali delegation after Easter. For Salvini, “there will be no tax increases, either on the house or on savings.” On the hypothesis of confidence in the draft law delegated for tax reform, Tajani says: “The technicians will now write texts and proposals to present them to the government in order to find a solution. We will meet again after Easter with the Prime Minister and hopefully the tax issues we talked about will be resolved. If you find an agreement, you do not need to trust ».

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