Pogba, that’s why the knee problem has worsened

Paul Pogba He ended up under the knife to treat the problem in his right knee. The French midfielder had hoped to steer clear of conservative treatment, but in reality an endoscopic intervention was necessary to try to end the 29-year-old former Manchester United’s ordeal. The doctor who operated on him, Dr. Roberto Rossi, explained to Tuttosport how unfortunately conservative treatment not only solved the problem, but made it worse.

“The rupture of the outer meniscus was complicated because the tissue was fragmented,” Explanation of the specialist in orthopedics and fractures primary At the Hospital Mauriziano in Turin, Emeritus Professor at the University of Turin and Juventus Adviser. Then the doctor explained: “Conservative treatment? Suppose it did not work. On the contrary, the injury worsened. In agreement with the Juventus doctors, we explained in eight weeks the time needed for Pogba to join the team and return to group training. The estimated time, then it is necessary to assess the conditions and reactions when he starts strength.”

Eight weeks off Roberto Rossi, or two months, indicated: In time, perhaps, to be able to prepare for the World Championships in Qatar even if it is necessary to see if France will call him despite his dangerous physical condition.

Necessary and careful intervention

Then the chief medical officer explained what happened knee Pogba during the operation: “Even if we wanted to sew a broken meniscus, there were no circumstances in which we could do it: it was no longer repairable. It was only possible to intervene through excision of the meniscus. Moreover, the player had already been visited by two Of the leading figures in the sector, one direct consultation in the United States and another in France: in both cases, the surgeons gave indications for an operation.”

Stage Rehabilitation It will be the most difficult, and Rossi explained how it will happen: “He begins with a closed kinetic chain activity. He will use, that is, the muscles necessary for the knee, but he will do it with the knee extended, not the leg flexed. Then, based on the interaction of the knee, that is, if you feel pain or not, and if There was no bulge, it would move to open up the kinetic chain activity: it would work on the muscles that serve the knee and would be able to flex it. Obviously it would be a more impactful action. Then we move on to the final phase with restarting on the field. The player will be evaluated on a weekly basis.”

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Thus, Allegri will not be available to his player until January, when the season will be repeated even if it is Pogba, especially if he does not go to GlobalismHe will be able to optimally prepare for the last five months of the season. He and Federico Chiesa will certainly be Juve’s extra man in 2023: Allegri needs their talent and personality if the Bianconeri really want to fight for the title.

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