Pluto TV, the streaming platform also arrives in Italy

On October 28, the ViacomCbs group platform will appear for the first time, which stands out from the rest because it is free, with ads and above all divided into linear thematic channels covering different genres, from series to reality TV, from children’s TV to extreme sports .

Increasingly broadcast platforms: This is the fate of our entertainment scene. The latest news will be represented in chronological order by Pluto TV, which will appear for the first time October 28 in Italy. This is the free, ad-supported, live streaming service for the group ViacomCbs, which will come to us having already achieved success, as well as in the United States and South America, as well as in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain. Unlike similar shows like Netflix or Prime Video, Pluto Tv Does not include subscriptions and supports it spot that stands in the way of vision and works mostly through Objective channels: So it’s not purely on demand, but it allows you to follow programs dedicated to your favorite genres.

In fact, the initial presentation of Pluto TV will be explained 40 dedicated channels for the most diverse genresFrom movies to series through reality shows, kids shows, reality broadcasts, lifestyle, etc. Among these channels there will be Pluto TV Action, dedicated to most adrenaline-pumping products, and then Italian cinema PlutoAnd Pluto TV Drama NS Pluto TV real lifeIn addition to other spaces for children, games, and extreme sports. This offer will be expanding month by month with new channels. It will hunt content from ViacomCbs libraries (a group that includes brands like Paramount, MTV, Comedy Central, etc.) but also from partners like Lionsgate, italian Minerva pictures still Kids MeAnd Banijay Rights NS Cineflix rights.

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When we launched it in 2014 in the US, no one believed in its success because it is a linear product in the on-demand age and free in the age of subscriptions.‘, he stated Oliver GullitVice President and General Manager, Pluto Tv InternationalBut we are pioneering a new way to understand broadcasting“. Results abroad and elsewhere have been encouraging and today they are present in 25 countries with more than 52 million monthly active users all over the world. Above all, the synergy between this service and the other platform recently launched by ViacomCbs works, Paramount +. The latter is a real on-demand streaming service, which among other things will debut in Italy During 2022 Thanks to the agreements with sky, whose Sky Media advertising division will also handle part of Pluto TV’s advertising distribution.

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