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Ryan Gosling – Photography: ANSA

It’s been rumored that Ryan Gosling will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a role in a Fantastic Four movie. Phase 5 is about to begin with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which will continue the ongoing Multiverse saga.

the Fantastic Four They pray. After working with Fox for nearly two decades, Marvel Studios finally acquired the rights to the project when Disney acquired 20th Century Studios.

Reed Richards appeared in Dr. Strange In the multiverse of madnessas a variable from Mister Fantastic And not repetition Earth 616. In the Stage 6the Fantastic Four will be part of the Marvel family as they prepare for the upcoming major Avengers movies.

Return of the Fantastic Four

While a Fantastic Four reboot won’t begin production anytime soon, there has been constant speculation about who will become the iconic heroes. The cast was originally expected to be announced at D23 in 2022, as the film assembles its new creative team.

However, it looks like a huge Hollywood star is making his way into the MCU. During the last episode of hot mic podcast, Jeff Schneider He said he had heard rumors that Gosling might be up for a role in Fantastic Four. As of this story’s publication, either Marvel Studios or someone on Gosling’s team has commented on the rumors.

Then there’s Ryan Gosling’s voice acting sentry in the MCU. People tell me it’s like a file [personaggio] Superman style. I haven’t heard anything like that, of course. I’ve heard a few things about Gosling’s Fantastic Four.. . “

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Ryan Gosling – Photography: ANSA

Ryan Gosling in Fantastic Four

Ryan Gosling For the masses will be more suitable Mister Fantastic, Human Torch or even thing. Given that the Fantastic Four will be a huge part of the MCU going forward, it would make sense for Marvel Studios to choose a few big names for these popular characters.

Although at the same time, they could do a hybrid kind of casting where they cast some unknowns for two of the heroes while the other two are cast by some A-list name. Gosling, who was even fancied Ghost rider of the MCU, it would be a huge hit if he joined a movie Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four reboot

Like most MCU films, Marvel Studios has been holding back details on the Fantastic Four reboot. The movie was originally supposed to be directed by a Spider-Man director John Watts before leaving the project.

Matt Shakman to See Wanda It’s officially picked up in the year 2022 for a Fantastic Four revival. Jeff Kaplan And Ian Springer They were later picked up by Marvel Studios as writers. Kevin Feige, executive producer of the reboot, has stated that while this will be a new take on the heroes, it will not be an origin story.

Given that Fox attempted to retell the origin story in 2015, it makes sense why Marvel Studios would want to avoid it for an MCU iteration. This means wherever they are reedsAnd Sue Storm, Johnny Storm And Ben GrimmThey may have been a team for a while. Even if he has his own cameo, John Krasinski isn’t expected to play Earth-616’s Reed.

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