Please Please Me by The Beatles is one of the best debuts ever

Who knows if the Beatles, on March 22, 1963, would have realized their first album Please make me happy This would not only change their career forever, after five years of frantic live activity and lineup changes, but also the history of rock music. court shuffle. Prior to 33 RPM, the Liverpool four had only released two singles: love me do In October 1962 and Please make me happy in January 1963. The first met with moderate success, while the second, with its delicious double entendres and singular structure, was the first Beatles single to reach number one in the UK sales charts, as the same producer George Martin had predicted. While far from later masterpieces Sergeant Peppers, The Beatles And Abbey Road, please please me It’s an album that sounds unlike anything they’ve released before, that includes all the freshness and infectious joy of their live performances, including the flaws. From then on, it was clear that the Beatles were a group different from the others: despite their young age, they already had two authors/composers of their own songs (in a period when there was a clear separation between performers and authors) and all four of them sang, and exchanged, depending on Song, the role of the frontman. Moreover, the Fab Four have the unique ability to translate covers in such a way that they are complete Beatles songs, giving the songs completely new colors. The camaraderie and team spirit honed in their performances at Liverpool’s Cavern and their experience in Hamburg emanate from the exciting first lines of I saw her standing there Driving rock and roll with amazing harmonies and melodic sequences. miserySweet and Sad, is one of the first introspective-themed soft rock songs, released a few months ago in my room From Eternal Friends Rivals The Beach Boys: The Beginning “The World Treats Me Bad” is flashy and reveals ambitions far higher than simply entertaining teen audiences. in Anna (go to him)Cover of a song by Arthur Alexander, you can already feel the conflation of romantic disappointment with a mockery of the selfishness that would become topos of his verse, as well as vocal harmonies would become a trademark of the early Beatles. One of the most amazing things about the album is that even in the slowest and most romantic songs there is always a certain swing, a sense of rhythm honed in countless concerts in small clubs. in There is a place (“There’s only one place I can go when I’m feeling down / When I’m feeling sad, and that’s my mind”) W ask me why The magic becomes clear when John and Paul compose a song together. George Harrison copes admirably as an attacking captain Do you want to know a secret and in chainseven if in the latter his voice is almost drowned out by his bandmates’ harmonies, while Ringo Starr, objectively less talented than the Fab Four from a sonic point of view, interprets the usual irony. children of the Shirelles, one of the best female vocal groups of the period, of which they also repeat their version My love is you. A great story, as we know, always has a dazzling beginning and an end: Please make me happyIt is not surprising that it started with rock and roll I saw her standing there And it ends with wild energy Twisting and squawkingMuch more than just an Isley Brothers cover. The song had to be recorded last because Lennon caught a bad cold that day and George Martin feared it Twisting and squawking It would have spoiled Lennon’s voice all day. This flawed but incredibly energetic performance, which was recorded on the first take, prompted Martin to say, “I don’t know how they do it. We recorded all day (for 12 straight hours), but the further we go, the better.” Not even Martin imagined, however, that the Beatles would become better in a few years, until he left us, in the second half of the sixties, with some of the most beautiful, most inventive and revolutionary albums in the history of rock music: musical gems that we never tire of listening to and handing down to generations. new.

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