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Playstation, UK 6 billion collective action against Sony. Cost: 30% commission on every game purchased in the store

Millions of gamers in the UK could receive compensation from Japanese giant Sony, which will face a class-action lawsuit worth 5 billion pounds (6 billion euros) for abusing its dominant position in the sale of software used on its Playstation platform. The case was brought before the London Competition Court of Appeal by Alex Neal, head of consumer protection website Resolver, on behalf of several British “players”. The accusation against the Japanese giant is charging an unfair 30% commission on every digital game or purchase from the Playstation Store.

The obligation to organize the class action is also reflected in its law firm, Milberg London, and in the financial support provided by Woodsford, a UK firm that specializes in financing legal disputes. “Sony has introduced an anti-competitive strategy that has resulted in overpricing to customers and disproportionate to the costs incurred in providing its services,” said Milberg attorney Natasha Berman. The Japanese giant has not yet responded to a request for comment from the British media. The legal battle that has just begun is sure to make many console enthusiasts argue.

The reason that Neil called is a reason organized to the smallest detail: a dedicated site was created, which is called “Playstation, you owe us”The terms and conditions for users who can get refunds are described. It targets console owners who have made in-store purchases since August 19, 2016.

Each person, in the event of a win in the English courts, can receive a discretionary compensation of between £67 and £562 (€80-670). Money that could come in handy as millions of families struggle with record inflation, noted Neil, who is known in the UK for being a champion of consumer rights and for campaigning several on their behalf: “Video games are now the largest form of entertainment in the UK, before television and video and music. Sony’s actions have a cost to the millions of people who cannot afford to spend, especially when we are in the midst of a high-cost crisis.”

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Some data about video games
It is estimated that more than 60% of adults in the country regularly play on console or mobile phone. While more than 90% of young people between the ages of ten and sixteen use online games regularly.

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