PlayStation Store, PS5 and PS4 games for less than 10 euros: the best deals –

.’s latest promotion Playstation Storeaccording to tradition, you are also allowed to buy several PS5 and PS4 games to less than 10 euros: For many of them, this is the first time that similar numbers have been touched upon, and this is another reason not to miss the opportunity.

The movie Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (review) fits perfectly into that description, a stunning tie-in with soul-like shades that won’t fail to impress fans of star Wars But also those who do not know this universe well and want to catch up with it: it is easy to do just that 9.99 € Instead of 49.99.

Same look and same discourse in A Plague Tale: Innocence (review), Asobo Studio’s medieval Europe adventure of the Black Plague and the Holy Inquisition, which puts us in the shoes of a girl determined to find sanctuary together with her brother while soldiers pursue them on orders from the Church: 9.99 € Instead of 39.99.

If Milestone Motorcycle Games piques your interest and you’d like to try some out, the Mega Marzo promo lets you off that whim with a few pennies: MXGP only costs 0.99 € Instead of 9.99, while the more complete and interesting ride comes to something more, 1.99 € Instead of 19.99.

Finally, we find the new and fun sports game Knockout City 8.99 € Instead of 19.99 and the popular life simulation The Sims 4 a 4.79 EUR Instead of 39.99. What do you say is it appropriate to take advantage of it?

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