PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium June 2023: Upcoming PS5 and PS4 games announced, now is the time

L’advertisement affiliate PS5 and PS4 games arrive to June 2023 with PlayStation Plus add-ons and premiums It is supposed to happen this week, and specifically on Wednesday June 14, 2023 should be the day when Sony will officially reveal the new titles expected within the catalog of the top two tiers of the PlayStation Plus subscription service.

If all goes as planned, June 2023 announcements of PS5 and PS4 games on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium should take place through various Sony social channels at 17:30 Italian time on Wednesday 14 June 2023.

It’s hard to be completely sure, considering Sony doesn’t communicate these announcements in advance and never provided an official standard timing, but there is a modus operandi that seems definite now in this type of communication. Since this is usually the second Wednesday of the month, it is due to fall this week, i.e. June 14th.

New PS5 and PS4 games should actually be We hope you enjoy this show As of Tuesday 20 June 2023, always looking at the previous examples: also in this case there is no certainty, but usually the availability arrives on the Tuesday following the announcement, so it is easy to make a prediction based on that.

There are no indications of possible introductions in the catalog, since there is no progress in this regard, so we just have to wait for the announcement. In the meantime, we’ve seen 17 games leave the catalog in June 2023, while we recall the free June 2023 PlayStation Plus Essential games available from last week.

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