PlayStation Plus Essential: Leak reveals ‘free’ games on PS5 and PS4 in May 2023

Once again, leaker Billbil-kun revealed the PS Plus games early, this time around May 2023. Games included in PlayStation Plus Essential I am:

  • GRID Legends (PS5 and PS4)
  • Chivalry 2 (PS5 | PS4)
  • Descendants (PS5 | PS4)

GRID Legends It is a driving game from EA made by Codemasters. It includes a story mode, multiplayer and an easy to read arcade style driving engine.

Equestrian 2 It is a first-person multiplayer game with a medieval atmosphere that makes us fight against many other players, in a fun slash-and-blow mayhem.

descendant It is instead a mountain bike simulator. We’ll have to go down along a series of procedurally generated paths. However, every mistake will have consequences.

As always, remember that this is a leak, not official information, so it is likely untrue. But Billbil-kun has been pretty meticulous with his leaks for a long time, especially regarding PS Plus, so we guess he wasn’t wrong this time either.

Also, PlayStation Plus Essential games are due to be announced today, so it’s plausible that Sony didn’t change their game slate at the last second. There is nothing left to do but wait for an official confirmation.

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