Playstation Network generates a lot of money .. Doubts about the arrival of a version for PC? –

As we reported today, Sony revealed that PlayStation Network He was able to achieve it 14 billion dollars in one yearWith 100 million active accounts per month.

Let’s talk, in case you don’t know, about DTC . Service (Direct to Consumer) Bigger than Sony. The result was achieved, among other things, after years of growth. For example, in 2017, the PlayStation platform collected “only” 6.24 billion. So there was a doubling down, obviously made possible by the fact that the audience has increasingly turned over the years to digital, putting the physical form in the background. This has been a foregone conclusion on PC for a long time, but on consoles, we’re still in transition.

Based on this information, the latest report is very interesting. As we have indicated, Sony is looking for a new director for the “Product Management – Computer Game Experiences” section. Added to one given a few months ago, this job offer is for a UX Design Director who has the task of directing “the PlayStation experience beyond the console, with a focus on mobile devices, PCs/Laptops and tablets”.

In short, the idea is that Sony might work on one A copy of the PlayStation Network for PC (And also on mobile, but that’s a different story). The advantages, if everything is done in the right way, will be different. It’s clear that PlayStation Network profits will only grow, especially considering that PlayStation is becoming more and more cross-platform.

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there competition It will be huge and in the short term it may not be appropriate to completely abandon the Steam and Epic Games Store. In fact, it almost certainly never will, and in a similar way to Microsoft, it will continue to offer its games in multiple stores. To attract users, we therefore need a “bait”, such as free Epic games. However, in the case of Sony, it may be the services and integration with the console side that will attract more gamers.

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For example, PlayStation Network expansion may allow Works like the original cross-save Between the console version and the PC version of the same game, without developers having to manually create custom systems.

Moreover, I PlayStation Awards It can be expanded to the PC world, and a console player might appreciate the idea of ​​buying a third-party game on a PC, but still over the PlayStation Network, so everything is connected to the same profile.

There is, too Friends List It can be easily ported to the PC, to play interfering without much worry and without having to link multiple accounts to pass data and “merge” buddy lists (let’s face it, the average player is allergic to any action that requires more than two clicks).

Simply, the file Success Tools on PC Sony is already in his hands. All he has to do is create a PlayStation Network for PC that offers many options and integrates with the console world. This will also allow PC gamers to switch to consoles in the future, without feeling like they’ve left their progression, trophies, and friend list behind.

What do you think? Will you start using the PlayStation Network version for PC? Or do you already have several stores at your fingertips?

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