PlayStation gives 6 months of Apple TV+: The promotion is back for PS4 or PS5 owners

Sony Playstation gives away others 6 months on Apple TV+with the promotion intended for PS4 owners and PS5With different terms, which are available again, through cooperation between the Japanese company and Apple to publish the video subscription service.

the conditions However, it is very different depending on whether you have a PS4 or a PS5: if it is the last generation console, in fact, the promotion is limited to 3 months and can only be activated if you subscribe to Apple TV + for the first time.

On the other hand, if you own a PS5, the conditions seem more favorable: in this case the free months are for Apple TV + 6 and the promotion can be activated even if you have already subscribed to the Apple video service .

+ Apple TV as a gift with PlayStation: here’s how

In order to get to the promotion, there is not much to do: that’s enough You own one of the two consolesdownload the Apple TV app and sign in with your Apple ID to start the video service’s free trial, which will therefore be 3 months with PS4 (if you don’t already have a subscription) or 6 months with PS5.

Find all information about Official Page It is for the respective promotion, which also states the time limits during which it can be used, i.e. July 31, 2023. However, the offer cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions for Apple TV+.

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