PlayStation exclusive content coming to Xbox, PC and Switch after a year –

According to reports from Rebs Gaming, a trusted insider active on Twitter, i PlayStation exclusive content From Hogwarts Legacy They will go up Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch a year laterupon the expiration of the exclusive time agreement between Sony and Warner Bros.

In this regard, during the recent state of play, we had the opportunity to watch a trailer about the PS4 and PS5 exclusive mission, “The Hogsmeade Haunted Store Mission”, but in addition to this, there will also be other content that can only be played by PlayStation users for a year one, namely:

  • Exclusive mission “Hogsmeade Haunted Store”
  • Extra dungeon
  • cosmetic set
  • Exclusive store selling items with better ratings than other places
  • Felix Felicis potion recipe that allows you to temporarily view the location of secret chests

Well, all of this content is exclusive to PlayStation for a year. According to reports from Rebs Gaming, which indicate some seemingly official communications on the matter, all PlayStation exclusive content will remain that way for 12 months, until February 10, 2024.

This means that the agreement is for time-exclusiveness, so from February 10, 2024 various contents can also arrive on PC and Xbox, pending any developments on this matter.

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