Players report epileptic seizures, and Psyonix runs for cover –

Psyonix adds new graphics options to Rocket League Neon Fields has some reports indicating risks Seizures. It all began in early January 2021 when The Loadout reported that the new arena was creating problems.

In particular, one of the users had their say. Let’s talk about psyonixistrynakillme, Who wrote a message on Reddit: “I have epilepsy and the new map is causing me epileptic seizures. I tried to file a complaint with Psyonix Support and wrote to them on Twitter. I only got a real answer except“ Oops, sorry. ”So I created a reddit to make my voice heard. Other users of the topic and eventually caught the attention of the Rocket League developer.

Then the team worked on New graphics options Which will be released on February 1. “Based on recent player feedback, we realized that neon field effects and lights could negatively affect the experience of some players. From this update, users will be able to Change settings from “default” to “low”. ”

Low setting Reduces the effects of flickering, flashing lights, backlight intensity, and animated effects. Hopefully this will be enough to prevent players from having an epileptic seizure.

Finally, we reported that Rocket League on PS5 does not go up to 120 fps because a simple patch like Xbox Series X isn’t enough.

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