“Play on my illness”. Fides vs. Left Activist

For once, a blast videos It was more than understandable. Necessary. Because health is a dangerous thing, much more than some hoax fights on social networks. In the past few hours, the rapper has been literally angry at an activist who hinted at him illness In recent months, he faced: a rare endocrine tumor in his pancreas that forced him to undergo emergency surgery. Husband Chiara Ferragniwho decided to declare his state of health, returned to talk about this topic, this time with a particularly dissatisfied tone.

In fact, in an Instagram story series, the activist Serena Mazzini He indirectly summoned him for questioning after the attack Chiara Ferragni. The social analyst addressed the issue of the popular influencer and accused her of concealing the political debate through her interventions on the issues of the electoral campaign. Even the legitimate accusation, given the degree Approximation that Ferragni ventured into that region that was not hers. It is unfortunate, though, that the aforementioned activist called the digital entrepreneur to spend herself in battles of the left, and then let herself go to statements that were nothing short of inappropriate.

Specifically, urging Ferragni to take to the streets for a minimum wage, inheritance On substantial income and the right to health, analyst Mazzini commented: “The right to health, which is a real right, because even we mere mortals would like to be defeated cancer In three days instead of waiting for a colonoscopy for seven monthsA statement that made Fedez nervous rather than a little, who felt questioned precisely about the agonizing experience of illness he had had in recent months and still today is a cause for necessary attention. Thus, the rapper decided to respond in a tone to the always active on social media.

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This is not the first time that this “activist” has played, with the support of journalists and artists Patients, saying that I would be cured of a malignant tumor in three days as if it were all a joke. play on me healing As if it was a mistake moreover, without knowing that I urgently had surgery through the NHS like any normal human person…Fides wrote, somewhat annoyed. In a later story, the singer turned directly to Mazzini: “If you only knew the consequences of an intervention that has irreversible consequences, you probably wouldn’t joke about it to spark your desire for social criticism. I haven’t recovered for three days. but for human stupidity Sometimes there is no cure“.

After this outburst, Fidez then added: “Sorry but I think there is a limit to everything. I know what you’ve been through and I hope not no one. But above all else, I would never allow myself to be mocked or belittled this method. Even if he’s the richest bitch on the planet“But in this case the rapper had every reason to feel it offended. But in recent days, the artist has told his followers that he must comply with precautions to keep their health under control.

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