Play of Hogwarts Legacy status, event date and time with gameplay on PS5 –

Sony PlayStation announced the release date and time Hogwarts Legacy Play Case, which will show the gameplay on PS5. We will be able to see the game based on the world of Harry Potter March 17, 2022 at 10 pm.

State of play on March 17, 2022 dedicated to the legacy of Hogwarts It will last 20 minutes and will show 14 minutes of gameplay On PS5 of the game.

Through PS Blog, Avalanche program Warner Bros Games said, “Since we unveiled Hogwarts Legacy, the trailer has been viewed more than 28 million times on PlayStation’s YouTube channel. We’ve promised to show more this year, and it’s finally time to make good on that promise.”

It will be possible Follow the state of play From Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch or YouTube. Next, a “special article that will add some context to what we’re showing you” will be published, again via the PS Blog.

In our preview, we showed you that “Hogwarts Legacy is the dream come true for many fans. It’s a fantasy that has been going on for over twenty years and finally came to fruition thanks to the combined efforts of Avalanche and Portkey Games. Choosing to deal with an earlier period for both the Harry Potter story and Newt Scamander’s story , the developers have built in complete freedom of movement without leaving a few cornerstones that are able to restore that sense of familiarity due to novels and movies.A very promising game The focus on Ancient Magic is undoubtedly interesting, and it remains to be understood how they will want to manage the structure of the gameplay and how well they are able to play. Balancing school life with exemplary exploration of the open world.”

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