PlatinumGames has another big announcement for 2021

PlatinumGames youths animated the first part of last year by submitting four different announcements to their fans: The Wonderful 101 Remastered, The GG ProjectNew Tokyo office and April Fool’s Day. Despite all the sports rules, the Platinum4 initiative was ours He also promised a fifth declarationThat did not come.

Something is starting to move, finally. In the past few hours, the Japanese company has updated the Platinum4 official websiteAdding prof A time window for this fifth announcement is elusive, Knowledge too Bonus level, Set to Generic 2021. To be precise, it is possible to read XX / XX / 2021 on the site, which is an incomplete date that we hope will be fully displayed as soon as possible.

There is huge excitement at PlatinumGames Studios: plus the aforementioned GG project, which It is still in the early stages of development, The Japanese company is also forming a Babylon Fall For PC and PlayStation, for every device Bayonetta 3 For Nintendo Switch. We saw some videos for the first game, while the second is missing. For years Kamiya has been reassuring us about the development of the third Witch of Umbra adventure, and in a recent interview he reported that It hopes to be able to provide updates in 2021What if this fifth ad focused on Bayonetta 3?

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