Platini release: “I was innocent, you had to believe me!”

Paris France) The day the Juventus legend lived was an important day Michel Platini After his acquittal with the ex-FIFA president Sepp Blatterby the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona for fraud and fraud charges against FIFA itself dating back to 2015.Team Platini happily commented on the verdict:It’s a beautiful day, but I can’t tell you it’s one of the most beautiful in my life because it’s just confirmation of what I said seven years ago. It is good that the truth finally emerges after so much manipulation, lies and injustice. I told you I was honest, you had to believe me!Le Roi started.

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Platini and Blatter acquitted: “Seven years of injustice”

Platini: “A real court believed me”

Platini recounts these years bitterly towards the world of football: “The FIFA and CAS committee did not believe me, while a real court believed me today. The justice of those who are not in football saves me from the justice of football, when I have devoted my whole life to this sport. FIFA will do what they want (regarding the appeal), but instead After what they went through today, I’m not going to play the second leg!“.

Platini: “I will not let anything pass”

Finally, the Frenchman does not have a message for the current FIFA President, Gianni Infantinobut promises:I can only say that I will not let anything pass, it is not over yet. In France, I filed a complaint to find out exactly who tampered with everything, and we’ll start having fun – Concludes – I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to football, I’m very young and have more hair than Infantino. I still have many years left. we will see

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