Planck Institute, Maxi Group Tender in USA. The companies raise fifty thousand euros

Blanc boys participating in the project: The World Cup will be held in Houston, USA

The students left for the Lego World Cup. Companies have moved, from Delonghi to Giusti

philorba. Fifty thousand euros have been collected for Planck students, from yesterday in Houston for the LEGO LEGO World Cup. The province generously responds to the appeal of President Emanuela Paul to reach out to about fifteen companies from Treviso. De ‘Longhi is also in the front row in the crowdfunding process, with a contribution of 5 thousand euros. “So everyone was able to leave, even those who faced difficulties due to the high costs,” the CEO comments complacently.

There are 24, between scientific and technical, between two and three years old, students of the Villorbese Institute traveled to the United States on Monday for the Robotics Championship, carrying model “smart buggies” made of Lego, the project with which they are competing.

They are accompanied by three teachers, including two “children’s teachers” who took up the chair due to a shortage of alternate teachers (including Matthew Kreveler, whose Lego League curriculum stands out as a student).

After winning a tri-color game of the LEGO League in Rovereto, Blanc’s “geniuses” deservedly deserved the World Final, with this year’s attendance scheduled from today through Saturday in Houston.

They will challenge a hundred teams and this will not be the absolute “first time”: in 2021, the final show was hosted by Greece and was conducted online, and the Lancenigo team won the prestigious second place. The difference is that in 2022 we came back to life, the budget that Blanc estimated is 60 thousand euros, of which 30 thousand are only for airline tickets. Returns? next Monday.

Find Lenders

To turn the dream of the challenge into a reality (and opportunity), in recent weeks, manager Paul has turned to local businesses, requesting financial support for the boys’ travel. He also did this from poles runwayand highlighting the social and educational implications. “In response we received fantastic assistance, and a surge of incredible generosity,” said the manager, “I am proud of the sensitivity shown by the area.” Lenders contributed large and small sums. The biggest commitment comes from Rome: 15,000 euros from the Leonardo Civalta Delle McCain Foundation.


Five thousand were guaranteed by the Ministry of Education of the Veneto Region, another 30 thousand were collected from individuals. De’ Longhi put up another 5,000, the same stake for Banca Prealpi di San Biagio. Starmatik of Spresiano, a company associated with robotics, contributed 2,000 euros. Small companies in the IT sector, all from the region, cooperated and provided 6,500 euros.

But many other activities have joined, including in the wine sector. About fifteen companies in total, there are those who participated with 200 euros. But the appeal of Director Paul does not end, considering that 10 thousand euros “not covered” are borne by families and schools. “Those who wish to participate can still contribute,” relaunched the director, who thanks all lenders on the institute’s website with a banner: “To Houston, thank you.” Meanwhile, the county has also moved: “We are looking for private sponsors,” assures council member Roberto Borsato.


“When I didn’t have sponsors yet, I asked the boys if they had the finances,” recalls the manager, “one of them had highlighted the difficulties, but with the amount collected we were able to convince everyone to leave. Above all an educational opportunity: it allows the children to experience Skills. And who knows: perhaps the “smart carts” project will have a future ».

By the way: it is about the trolley movement system using sensors and databases, and they will explain it in English to the jury in Houston. The plank team, as in the sports discipline, consists of 12 “owners” and as many “benches”, the coaches being the coaches. “Who could have imagined it, in a complete pandemic,” Paul concludes. As the first flight after Covid, Planck flew very high.

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