Pixel Watch Without Veil and Live Streaming: The Forgotten Google Smart Watch in a Restaurant

pixel clock It should be Google’s first flagship smartwatch, but so far the manufacturer has never mentioned it. We’ve seen unofficial renderings of the device in recent months, but now it appears that the aesthetic of the device has leaked online without filters after it was released. Forgotten in a restaurant by a negligent manager of the company.

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Pictures have been posted from Android Centralwith more details on the strange story being shared via reddit From a user claiming to be the person who shared the photos with the source. Tagtec 414This is his nickname on the platform, he wrote that a friend who works in the restaurant found the watch and decided to keep it waiting for the owner or Google to come looking for it. The wait seemed pointless, as no one was interested in getting it back, so the two decided to make an exclusive offer to Android Central.

The Pixel Watch was left behind in a restaurant

The story is very similar to that – now almost legendary – of the pre-production unit of Forgot iPhone 4 in a bar. with regard to pixel clockthe model shown in the images the source posted is quite comparable to the renders shared last year by Jon Prosser: Google is planning a minimalist design for its watch, using Ring dialbutton and crown on one side, along with a hole (which must have a microphone).

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Screen size is about 1.5 inchesAccording to a Reddit user, an additional image shared on Reddit shows the watch with full-sized bezels. From the images, it can be concluded that the Pixel Watch will have a mechanism for replacing watch straps similar to those of the Apple Watch, so it is likely that the company – along with the smartwatch – will also launch a series of interchangeable straps. It is difficult to recognize the new program, because the battery is low and whoever found the watch does not have a charger.

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There has been talk of the Pixel Watch for some time, and Announcement now looks imminent. The smartwatch can be launched at the annual developer conference Google I/O 2022, whose opening speech was scheduled for May 11. On that date, we’ll likely know all the details about the Grande G.

pixel clock

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