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Philip Zobsick He asserts himself in the first gigantic slalom in Bansko (tomorrow always repeated in Bulgaria between the wide poles) and remains fully in the World Cup with three races remaining. Thanks to the Croatian’s success today, he overtook Swiss Marco Odermatt in second place and is now just 22 points ahead of leader Alexis Pintorault. Meanwhile, the Frenchman remains at the helm of the general, 230 points ahead of his first rival, Odermatt. Below is the general (and specialization) standings for the 2021 Alpine Ski World Cup after the first giant of Bansko.

Overall World Cup Ranking:

1. Alexis Benturo (France) 974
2 – Marco Odermatt (Switzerland) 744
3- Marco Schwartz (Austria) 692
4- Matthias Mayer (Austria) 604
5 – Abdul Majeed Muhammad Ibrahim 594
6- Philip Zobchik (Cruzia) 584
7- Alexander Keld (Norway) 560
8- Henrik Kristofferson (Norway) 558
9- Vincent Krishmaier (Austria) 515
10- Pete Fues (Switzerland) 487

Giant World Cup Ranking:

1 – Alexis Benturo (France) 490
2 – Philip Zubsic (Kruzia) 468
3 – Marco Odermatt (Switzerland) 445
4 – Lowick Millard (Svizera) 277
5. Tommy Ford (US) 200

Photo: La Presse

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