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Photovoltaics, the world’s largest battery-powered solar project in Australia

sun cableThe company, owned by Australian billionaires Mike Cannon-Brooks and Andrew Forest, has announced the world’s largest photovoltaic project, destined, at least in intent, to achieve 20 gigawatts of solar capacity e 42 gigawatt-hours from accumulation.

The goal appeared in the course of actions Environmental Impact Assessment The company issues instructions for the location of the plants in the Powell Creek area north of Tennant Creek, in the Northern Territory state in Australia.

The project also includes a new transmission line 6.4 GW to 600 kV which is expected to carry PV power 800 km Even Darwin. The high voltage line should be built along the corridor of the main north-south railway line of the country.

But that’s not all: the project also includes creating a file Factory for the manufacture of photovoltaic modules In the Darwin area, it is powered by low-cost green electricity from massive generators, as well as creating 4200 km submarine cable To provide clean energy a Singapore.

The company plans to build a Campus which will house 1,100 people near Powell Creek for a construction site that is expected to continue four yearsthen reduced to 100-200 people for operational management of the stations once they are connected to the network.

The project will reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 480 million tonsequivalent to the average electricity used for more than 2.5 million Australian homes each year Sun Cable said during the duration of the project, under which the yard will be established 1750 seats From working in the sector buildings And 350 places from work Long-term operation in the Northern Territory.

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The project will take approx 12,000 hectares of landwith an additional 269 hectares for two access roads to the Stewart Expressway and an airstrip.”

“The Main ingredients It includes photovoltaic fields, medium and high voltage interconnection interconnection transmission lines, distributed battery energy storage systems (BESS), voltage source transformers (VSCs) and associated electrical infrastructure, including, but not limited to, transformers, inverters and a switching yard. Sun Cable said in a statement.

Sun Cable said it hopes to start construction early 2024 It predicts that the implants will have a Productive life 70 yearsEven if it is the most important PV components They may need to update or upgrade later 40 yearsand the batteries distance 15 years.

“Type and size” economic progress What can happen in the region thanks to these factories is difficult to estimate, but it is reasonable to predict the existing industries on mining and manufacturing They can take advantage of it and make themselves more sustainable Thanks to this resource, ”the company noted.

environmental impact

In terms of environmental impact, the company’s report notes that the biggest remaining negative consequences are the emergence and spread of herbs Due to deforestation and the potential impact on Factions at risk At the Darwin conversion site and along the air transmission corridor.

Sun Cable has indicated that it is working on Plans to mitigate these effects and potential impacts on seasonal wetlands southwest of the Darwin Transformation site, as they important home locally and for the original people.

The company also indicated that it could happen Changes in groundwater levels Due to the extraction of groundwater in the site area during constructionwhich commissioned a hydrogeologist to determine well locations and sustainable rates of extraction.

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According to the initiative’s promoters, the continuous environmental impact assessment represents one teacher for the project and its commitment to appropriately managing the environmental, social, cultural and economic impacts of plants.

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