Photovoltaic panels: where they can be installed in Emilia-Romagna

Bologna, February 20, 2023 – In times of high bills – and also climate-saving – the Emilia-Romagna region is highlighting clean energy, in particular on photovoltaics. In Bologna, for example, the junta aims to remove restrictions on the installation of panels on roofs, obtaining approval from Ascom. Balcony solar panels: what they are and how they work At the regional level, the council, by decision, established the standards for the location of photovoltaic systems, with the aim of ensuring their maximum spread through protection, as the region explains. And at the same time the value of the agricultural land and the landscape and the environment. The provision, which is set to ensure the possibility of investing in clean energy in harmony with the territory, will now be examined by the Legislative Assembly. Pizarro, with miniature wind turbines in the garden, the witty waiter scans invoices for Agri-voltaic systems and in the quarries in particular, the Giunta text states that if areas are affected by approved crops, only agro-voltaic systems are allowed and there is the possibility of introducing systems in abandoned or restored quarries , protecting ecological corridors and valuable products in this case as well. 70% of the floating photovoltaic cells in the areas where …

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